Hanie Moghani

With over a decade of experience, she participated in more than 20 national and international projects with Indigenous nomadic pastoralists and local communities. She is an advocate, legal counsel, community facilitator, educator, and activist, working at the interface of science, policy, and society, with expertise in developing political, economic, and ecosystem analysis models for complex problems involving water, energy, food, climate, and environment to derive policy, law and governance insights. Learn More

Henri Douche

After 10 years spent in the food industry as an agronomist and project manager, Henri joined Astrium Spot Image (now called Airbus Group) in 2011 as Global Market Manager for agriculture. Here he developed products and services using satellite imagery for crop management, yield forecast and crop insurance. Learn More

Julia Oliva

UEBT works to regenerate nature and secure a better future for people through ethical sourcing practices in the beauty, food, and natural pharmaceutical sectors. Julia focuses on technical support on biodiversity and human rights policy issues, as well as coordination of sectoral initiatives for positive impact on people and biodiversity. Learn More

Frank Mars

Frank has served on the Board of Directors of Mars since 2010 and was Board Chair from March 2020 until March 2023. Currently, Frank is acting as an Advisor of Strategic Programs within Mars, including those developing scalable regenerative based ecosystem solutions which increase the resilience and sustainability of key tropical marine and terrestrial raw material supply ecosystems important to Mars. Learn More