About the Conference

The 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration (SER2023) will be held in person on 26-30 September 2023 in Darwin, Australia with a separate opportunity for virtual participation and content delivery in the Western Hemisphere time zone during the week of 6 November 2023.

SER’s World Conferences are the premier meeting point for professionals and students interested in ecological restoration and management. These conferences provide a vital platform for knowledge exchange, discussion, and engagement on the latest trends in restoration science, practice, and policy, as well as specific tools, techniques, challenges, and strategies for restoring damaged and degraded ecosystems on all continents. SER is thrilled to reconvene the global restoration community in-person for the first time since the 8th World Conference in Cape Town, South Africa held in 2019.

Who attends SER World Conferences?

Delegates come from every continent representing a range of backgrounds including natural and social sciences, environmental engineering, urban and regional planning, public policy, landscape architecture, natural resource management, and more. SER conferences provide immeasurable opportunities to grow your professional network, share knowledge, and experience the culture and ecology of a destination.