Understanding Our Hybrid Approach

The 10th World Conference will offer delegates the option of attending in-person and/or accessing the virtual component of the event. Delegates that register for the in-person component will be able to attend the in-person component and will subsequently have access to the virtual content. Delegates that register for the virtual component, will not be able to attend in-person but will have access to all virtual presentations and recorded symposia, plenaries and oral presentations from the in-person component.

The in-person component will take place from 26-30 September in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The virtual component will take place 7 – 8 November in a Western Hemisphere-friendly time frame. Virtual attendees will not have access to conference content during the live event. All content will be provided during the virtual component in November. While attendees in both components will have access to presentations, please keep in mind that the in-person and virtual components will not be simultaneous. There will be no live streaming of events from Darwin.

Please direct any questions about our hybrid approach to worldconference@ser.org.