Dr. Richard Fejo

In 1994 Richard worked as a Criminal Field Officer with the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (NAALAS). He remained in the position for four years before moving to Perth where he was recruited as a paralegal for the Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia working in family and civil law. Learn More

Kia Dowell

Kia’s traditional Aboriginal name is Wadjbarreyal and her skin name is Nangala. Growing up on country, with a loving extended family, grounded Kia in her understanding of the importance of female leadership and opened her eyes to the restraints and disadvantage placed on communities by colonial structures.
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Lucy Mulenkei

She is also active in human rights, women, and girls rights that include reproductive health rights, education, and development that impacts on Indigenous Peoples and their local communities. She has experience in local, national, regional and international advocacy where she brings the international discussions to the local level and local discussions to the international audience. Learn More