The 10th World Conference on Ecological Restoration SER2023 began today! This four-day meeting is convening 1,000 delegates from 80 countries to celebrate and restore the connection between people and nature. For the next several days, we will share brief reports of key daily outcomes.

Day 1 Outcomes

Indigenous leaders urge meaningful, sustained engagement of local communities and Indigenous peoples in ecological restoration

In her speech, Kia Dowell, a Gija woman from Warmun Community in Western Australia, detailed the crucial role Traditional Owners play in the rehabilitation of the Argyle Diamond Mine. She highlighted the need for meaningful indigenous engagement on the part of institutional leaders.

Lucy Melenkei spoke to the importance of communicating with all, most especially women, children, youth, and elders, to ensure sustained collaboration in indigenous communities. Her speech underscored that including diverse voices is key for successful and long-lasting ecological restoration.


Released at SER2023, Standards of practice to guide ecosystem restoration: A contribution to the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030

This early release version contains over 300 best practices for the assessment, planning and design, implementation, ongoing management and monitoring, and evaluation of restoration projects. The standards were developed through a collaborative effort led by the FAO, IUCN CEM, and SER, with authors from 22 organizations.


Banner photo credit: Tourism NT